Elau Repairs

Elau PacDrive

The PacDrive has now become obsolete. With a reliable repair service now becoming difficult to find, Zenics continues to provide a consistent service with a 7 day turnaround.

Elau Motors

Our team successfully repairs over 99% of all Elau products that are sent in. Zenics can repair every model of the Elau motor with complete confidence in the outcome.

Elau PMC-2

In the years, Zenics have developed a fully functional test rig for a variety of Elau units, meaning a successful repair is guaranteed every time.

Why Zenics?

Zenics have been repairing Elau since 2006.  In that time, we have developed the capability to repair the systems first time around, over 99% of the time.  This has been attained through repairing over 1000 Elau units. In the Laboratory, we hold multiple Elau units which ensure we can keep to a 7 day turnaround, as we have spare parts to hand.  We also have our very own fully functional test rig, making sure that your repair works before it gets returned.